“What’s the best stuff you got?”

For those who’ve asked “WHAT ELSE ARE YOU SELLING?!?!” with regard to my AA table, here’s a sneaky preview!

Solid Snake's Favorite Band buttons, Matryoshka buttons, and some Mother's Day cards

Behold my Solid Snake’s Favorite Band is Cheap Trick buttonery, which shall be sold for the handsome price of $2 US. They’re square, but YOU won’t be considered one with this rad button. Comes packaged with a spiffy li’l card, protected from the elements in the finest imported cellophane resealable bag known to mankind.

Also for sale are some 1″ buttons of a matryoshka, printed on stock with a slight metallic lustre. Mounted on fine die-cut fancy cards and packaged with a baby envelope (two colors available) in the same fine imported cellophane, each can be yours for $1.

By attending Anime Boston, there’s a good chance that you’re missing Easter dinner and making your parents horribly disappointed in you. Save face with my fine Mother’s Day cards featuring a mama and child pair of matryoshkas! Each is signed and packaged with an envelope featuring a Ukrainian floral folk motif and is to be sold for a cost of exactly $3.

Just some stuff. Not much to see here.

This? This is just a picture of my table cloth along with some of the framed prints I’ll have for sale and a piece of Japanese paper. The prints range from $18-$25.

"Ginger Milk"

Here’s one of the $18 prints featuring the visage of my first and most beloved ball-jointed-doll, a pale white Delf Lishe who has come to be known by the name Ginger Milk Bee. Created in Illustrator and printed on a stock called “Stardream” in ivory, she’s matted and framed and can be yours for the low American price of $18. What fine art can YOU get for $18?

Action Snake?

Kids! Were YOU alive when the feature film Action Jackson (starring Predator’s Carl Weathers) was in theatres? I was! I still remember seeing trailers for this on TV. I actually finally got to see the movie a couple of years ago. I’ve seen better. Still, I thought it’d be a riot to recreate the movie poster featuring tuxedoed Solid Snake and a lustful Meryl. You decide if it’s worth the mere $18 that it will take to bring this into your home for good (hint: it is worth it)!

War! Huh!

When you take an anti-war video game in a military setting and combine it with the politically-driven artistic stylings of one Shepard Fairey, you get something like this image. I’d long wanted to do something Metal Gear Solid-centric in a similar style to Mr. Fairey’s many works. I like his stuff. I actually own a signed Joe Strummer print, given to me as a Valentine’s Day present and my one piece of actual real fine art! MGS bears an anti-war, anti-nuke, pro-soldier message and so does this print. $25 is the price of pacifism!

Prints ahoy!

Here’s a smattering of some of the other prints I’ll be selling along with my set of MAGNETIC Sailor Moon paper dolls not specifically marked as being Sailor Moon paper dolls because I don’t want to get sued! All prints are the bargain-basement price of $5. The magnetic paper dolls are $10.

I've had to explain who these characters are to my coworkers. It was a little embarrassing. Just a little.

As previously disclosed on Tumblr, these are the six-packs of buttons I will be selling where ALL of the $7 I’m asking for each six-piece set (two types: one with the first season “inner” planet sailors, and one with the third season “outer” planet sailors) goes back to Architecture for Humanity! The cost of buttons AND the small mark-up – that’s all charity, baby. Give me your contact information when purchasing and you’ll get a thank-you letter from AFM!

Speaking of which, a portion of all proceeds from my Artists’ Alley sales (except the pins cos they get ALL net from that) will be donated to Architecture for Humanity.

Architecture for Humanity

They are good guys and they plan to use money raised to help reconstruction in Japan FOR projects related to reconstruction in Japan, not to divert it to other projects, which is one of the reasons why I’m  going to be directing money to them. Also, their executives get reasonable salaries, not bloated six-figure salaries unbefitting of someone doing charitable work. In short, I like them a lot, a whole lot, and I believe in what they are doing even beyond their efforts in Japan. Check them out and make a donation on your own!