When I do things that don’t involve cooking

After pledging to do this for about five years, I’ve started to collect all of the websites, illustrations, posters, and other publications or products I’ve made and assemble these together in portfolio fashion. Looking at things I did ten years ago or more (or less) is interesting and often cringe-worthy. My favorite thing is stumbling upon some super-introspective thing that I wrote where I was totally trying to sound like I was all down-to-earth and not into myself and humble, but in the process made myself seem like the greatest of douches instead. Ugh. So embarrassed. Also high-larious was finding myself using an SAT word, no doubt to sound all deep and insightful, and then spelling it wrong. D’oh!

Anyhow, the folio of ports can be found here.

Something else I’ve done lately is mess around with TypeKit. TypeKit’s a service that gets you using typefaces from different foundries on your website in a legal and ethical manner. I shelled out $25 for the more-than-free-less-than-pro version so I could use a particular font that I got sweet on. Here is my site with TypeKit in use. By the by, my plan for this is to set up a WordPress blog on ladybot.net and then organize all of my portfolio stuff there using the Gallery2 plugin for WordPress. Sure, I could do the same thing here, but that’s…  well… never you mind! I gotta do something with these domain names.