A new Supermeow


Work in progress...

I’ve recently picked up the necessary skillset needed to make my own WordPress themes. Having done a couple for work, I’m now ready to do one for myself. It’s going to make heavy use of CSS3 stuff and will probably look like ass in Internet Explorer, but you know what? I don’t care. Barely anyone looks at my blog anyhow, haw haw. Except me, and I look at it in Firefox or Safari. Nobody should be using IE anyhow; it’s a piece of garbage full of security holes and has shitty CSS support. Ridiculous.

Here’s a sneaky preview of what I’ve got done so far. I’m working on the codin’ part. Next, I’ll slice it up for WordPress, enter additional bits of PHP needed to make it work, and hopefully: voila! My very own fancy customized WordPress template. It will make use of stock imagery and the world’s most favorite typeface, Museo, and its many variants (slab, sans) as well as Museo’s BFF, Calluna. The cats are from istockphoto.com (one download credit per cat; I had bought credits a while ago for a freelance job and I had some to burn). Still have a bunch to do, but it’s taking shape quite nicely. I’m hoping to finish it up over the weekend. That’s how I celebrate American independence: with website work!