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Action Obama

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Action Obama!

Action Obama!

No less than three people have already sent me this link. Now I share it here:


So, it would seem that someone, not sure if it’s a customizer or if this is someone who’s going to make more than one, has made this rad Obama doll. It is 2008 election-style Obama, as best I can tell from the translated text.

Help me, Google Translator, I took Japanese 101 but I failed it in college:

- The 44th president of the United States Barack Obama’s –
President of the first African-American, Barack Obama 44 President of the USA’s stunning overhead in INCHIAKUSHONFIGYUA 12.
I was surprised itself out of these products in the overseas珍SHIKU無I I also figure that these politicians.
2008 specification and the U.S. presidential election, comes with the image of that time and costumes and accessories.
The costume is a private suit, in part does not match the size of some elementary and Howdy, “and BISHIッrock” is not.
The highlight (?) Is so great that the quality of the head and, to some extent will be the first瞑RE.
OBAMAHEDDO Obama is a notch or even look at it from anywhere.
The high quality of the coating is firm to reproduce the details and texture of the skin.
All clothing is removable. Fixed to the inside and uses a button or belt.

Yeah! That’s what I said! There’s a line further down the page that translated as “The firm also makes the American flag, even texture and massive punch combination is a good thing.”

massive punch combination is a good thing

massive punch combination is a good thing

massive punch combination is a good thing

Just look at this link. It is awesome.